Monday, April 7, 2014

Math You Say?

Where Did It Start?

Math originated in India by scientists. It consists of the same Roman numerals used today. India made a lot of advancements in technology including math. They also invented astronomy, the study of the sun, moon, stars, and planets.

My Opinion

I think this was a great invention. It is still used today in many jobs and is taught at schools. It was a step towards the right direction for India.


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Why Do We Celebrate It?

St. Patrick's Day?

You've might of heard of St. Patrick's Day, but never understood the real meaning of the holiday. It is in honor of St. Patrick. A missionary that helped spread Christianity in Ireland. When he moved to Ireland, he worked to spread Christianity, and we still honor him until this day.

My Opinion

I think it is a reasonable holiday. He was a good man who worked to spread a new religion. We still celebrate his importance and I think future generations will too.


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How Did It Spread?

The Spread Of Christianity In Europe

As the Roman Empire fell, various groups from the North and East moved into Roman lands. People created states, and the people that created these states called themselves kings. These kings would fight causing Europe to divide into many sections. People hired monks and missionaries to help spread Christianity. One famous missionary is St. Patrick. We still honor him on St. Patrick's Day.

My Opinion

In my opinion, I think it took a while for Christianity to spread in Europe. Even with all of the help from monks and missionaries, it still took a while for people to convert.
 This shows people are not willing to change their religion for no reason at all.


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Is It Okay?

Does Violent Video Games Lead to Certain Behavior?

A recent debate going around is, should kids play violent video games? Studies show, kids that play violent video games had been in more fights than kids that don't play these games. Are these video games the one to blame? Some kids say they see these violent characters and do what they do.

My Opinion

I think kids are responsible for their own actions. I've played violent games before I never felt the need to act like any characters in the game I played.


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Who Made The Car?

Henry Ford

Born on July 30 1863, near Dearborn Michigan, Henry created the Ford model T car in 1908. He also invented the assembly line which revolutionized the industry. As a result, Ford sold millions of cars. In 1888 Henry married Clara Bryant who then had a son, Edsel. 3 years later, he was hired to work at the Edison Illuminating Company.

My Opinion

I think it was one of the greatest inventions of all time. It is convenient and is really helpful. It has led to the modern day car that is used almost everyday.


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Sunday, February 2, 2014



The reason we get to sleep in January 14th is because of one man who stood up for what is right. He thought all people should be treated equally. At the time, you were judged based on the color of your skin. But MLK did not sit and watch as people were discriminated based on the color of their skin.

My Opinion

MLK was a brave man who stood up for what was right. Now we have off for MLK day which is on January 14.


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It's Magic!

How do things glow in the dark?

You might think it's magic, but it's just science! This type of science is called luminescence. It requires chemicals that store energy when exposed to light. These are called phosphors, or also called phosphorescence. You have to expose these type of chemicals to light before they can work because the chemicals have to charge in the sunlight before they can glow in the dark.

My Opinion

I think that the science behind glow in the dark items is awesome. According to Wonderopolis, " these glow in the dark items need to be in light before they can work because they have special chemicals that store energy in them when in light."